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How SSL & HTPS works

When you visit a website, your browser sends a request to the server where the website is hosted. In response, the server sends back the website’s content to your browser, which displays it for you to see. Now, imagine if someone else intercepted this communication between your browser and the server. They could potentially see all the information you’re sending and receiving, including sensitive data like login credentials, credit card information, and personal details. This is where SSL and HTTPS come in.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that encrypts the communication between your browser and the server. This means that any information you send or receive is scrambled and can only be deciphered by the intended recipient (in this case, the server). No one else can intercept or read the information, making it more secure.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a combination of HTTP (the protocol used for transmitting data between your browser and the server) and SSL. Websites that use HTTPS have an SSL certificate installed, which creates a secure connection between the server and your browser. You can tell if a website is using HTTPS by looking for the padlock icon in the address bar of your browser.


tl;dr – SSL and HTTPS make your browsing more secure by encrypting the communication between your browser and the server, protecting your sensitive data from prying eyes.

Domain SSL

699 Yearly
  • Domain Validation
  • Authority GGSSL
  • 4096-bit Encryption
  • No Green Bar
  • Site Seal Static
  • Trust Level

Rapid SSL Standard

1999 Yearly
  • Domain Validation
  • Authority GeoTrust
  • 4096-bit Encryption
  • No Green Bar
  • Site Seal Static
  • Trust Level

WildCard SSL

4499 Yearly
  • Domain Validation
  • Authority GGSSL
  • 4096-bit Encryption
  • No Green Bar
  • Site Seal Static
  • Trust Level

TrueBusinessID EV

12999 Yearly
  • Domain Validation
  • Authority GeoTrust
  • 4096-bit Encryption
  • Green Bar
  • Site Seal Dynamic
  • Trust Level

🔐 Why SSL is essential for your website

Data Security

SSL provides encryption to the data transmitted between the website and the user’s browser. This ensures that sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card details, and personal information are protected from unauthorized access.

Builds Trust

Having an SSL certificate installed on a website can build trust with users. It shows that the website is secure, and that their information is safe.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

SSL is a ranking factor for search engines such as Google. Websites with SSL certificates installed are more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Browser Warnings

Websites without SSL certificates may display warnings in the user’s browser, indicating that the website is not secure. This can cause users to leave the website and hurt the website’s reputation.

Compliance Requirements

Many industries and regulations require websites to have SSL certificates installed, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for e-commerce websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that encrypts the communication between a website and its visitors. It ensures that sensitive data, such as personal information and financial details, transmitted through the website remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Having an SSL certificate is essential for website security and trust. It protects your visitors’ data, helps prevent data breaches, and safeguards against identity theft. Additionally, SSL certificates are now a ranking factor in search engine algorithms, so having an SSL certificate can positively impact your website’s visibility in search results.

  • Domain Validated (DV) certificates: The most basic type that verifies domain ownership.
  • Organization Validated (OV) certificates: Includes identity verification for the organization owning the domain.
  • Extended Validation (EV) certificates: Provides the highest level of authentication, displaying the organization’s name prominently in the browser address bar.
  • Wildcard certificates: Secure a domain and all its subdomains with a single certificate.
  • Multi-Domain certificates: Secure multiple domains and subdomains within a single certificate.

SSL certificates may add a minimal overhead due to the encryption and decryption processes. However, with advancements in technology, the impact on website performance is usually negligible. In fact, SSL certificates can enhance user trust and may have a positive impact on search engine rankings.

Yes, SSL certificates can be used on various types of websites, including e-commerce stores, blogs, corporate websites, forums, and more

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