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Shared hosting is far new and small business where server resources are shared among multiple resources.



Virtual Private Servers is for new and established businesses where the client gets dedicated resources from the bigger server.

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Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is for new and established businesses where clients get the whole resources of a server.

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Domains 90%
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Full Daily Backup 93%

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The Support team of our company is available 24/7 at any given instance to deal with all web hosting issues. The in-time responsive nature of the company is making customers attract to various hosting plans. The longing of our support team to respond to critical issues within a few minutes is making the company proud in all sense

The availability and reliability of your webpages on the internet, measured in percentage. Without any difficulty, you can use the website at a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Our shared server is fully optimized for running WordPress websites, that gives you optimum speed and performance.

Using the backup tool of the control panel you can manually take the backup of your website files and download them on your local machine. We also provide paid backup service, wherein the backup is taken on a separate server automatically. If you accidentally delete your website data or have forgotten to the the manual backup you can resotre your important website files with the help of backup stored at our server. In this, your database backup will be taken daily in which we will have the backup of your data for the last 7 days. While your website content backup will be taken once in every 7 days. You can opt-in for our automatic website backup service during checkout.

It enables the user to connect to the database with the help of third party software that doesn’t run on the server

A free and open-source tool in control panel that is used to manage MySQL Databases.

The InnoDB is data compression, encryption, caching, backup-up and much more. We have the InnoDB storage engine for your MySQL and MariaDB DBMS to take care of data.

Cache Manager enhances your website loading speed. Our web servers have built-in caching, improving the web browsing experience. If you are using WordPress the cache plugin will get installed by default.

Keep a track of visitors that are logged into your site via FTP. It allows you to terminate FTP connections for restriciting the file access to unauthorized users.

All web hosting accounts are isolated from the other hosting accounts on the server. This helps to improve your data security and provides an additional security layer to the hosting enviroment

The easiest way to create a professional website within minutes. Setup your business online with a simple website builder tool, free tempates and simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Easily install popular apps like WordPress, Laravel, PrestaShop and over 400+ such applications with just a single click.

It is a type of email account that helps you to access emails from any location with a web browser and Internet connection. We offer Horde and RoundCube clients with our Webmail

Create and delete CNAME and A records for your subdomain names

These are scheduled task that occur at on the server specific times or intervals. Usually, it is a series of simple tasks run from a script file.

CloudLinux OS helps in enhancing the server stability and security by fully isolating user accounts and allocating resources. With this, you get the feel of a virtaul server on a shared server.

Your files, folders, libraries are secure as curl performs SSL Certifcate verification on incoming and outgoing website data.

It doesn’t allow other websites to link to the files on your website directly (e.g restricts your website’s images from getting displayed on other websites). But if you don’t specify the file type, other websites will be able to link to that file type.

Cloudflare caches your website content and distribute it over multiple data centers by enabling your website to load faster in any location of the world. When a visitor accesses your website from any location of the world, Cloudflare delivers the content rapidly from the datacenter near to him. It also identifies and blocks malicious traffic to your website to secure it.

You can create unlimited FTP user accounts with HostingDuty. It allows you to add and remove FTP accounts. It is also possible to change their passwords.

The amount of inodes (files,folder and emails) that you can store in your hosting account.

Apart from the default PHP version, our web hosting plans also support other PHP versions: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3,7.4, 8.0

All PHP settings can be managed with your local php.ini file. For example, check if global variables are turned on or the default directory for uploading files to while writing upload scripts.

Our LiteSpeed server saves resources without sacrificing performance, safety, compatibility, or convenience. LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is compatible with multiple features including mod_rewrite, .htaccess and mod_Security.

We support an easy-to-use framework, especially for web developers to develop web-based apps rapidly using PHP. The CodeIgniter, working on the Model-View-Controller framework that will help you develop flexible and responsive web and mobile apps.

A sub-domain helps you to create a separate website under your main domain and host a complete new website on it. For example is the sub-domain of

Parked domains are domains linked to your account but point to the primary domain name. This helps in incresaing the website’s visibility on the Internet. For example, registering and and pointing them to

These are the standard protocolas for sending and receiveing emails.


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