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Pick the best self-managed Linux VPS hosting plans powered by KVM hypervisor. Get the best cloud infrastructure with advanced technical features such as SSD storage, high performing Intel CPUs – everything at inexpensive rates.

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India-Based VPS
Full Root Access

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SSD Disk Drives
100 Mb/s Network

Fully Managed Cloud VPS Hosting in India

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Cycle Plan

Buy & renew at same cost
  • vCPU 2
  • RAM 2
  • SSD Disk 50
  • Bandwidth 500
  • SSL Certificate Free
  • Dedicated IP 1

Bike Plan

Buy & renew at same cost
  • vCPU 2
  • RAM 4
  • SSD Disk 100
  • Bandwidth 500
  • SSL Certificate Free
  • Dedicated IP 1

Car Plan

Buy & renew at same cost
2,170 Monthly
  • vCPU 4
  • RAM 8
  • SSD Disk 150
  • Bandwidth 1000
  • SSl Certificate Free
  • Dedicated IP 1


Buy & renew at same cost
3,290 Monthly
  • vCPU 8
  • RAM 12
  • SSD Disk 200
  • Bandwidth 1000
  • SSL Certificate Free
  • Dedicated IP 1


Buy & renew at same cost
4,410 Monthly
  • vCPU 8
  • RAM 16
  • SSD Disk 250
  • Bandwidth 2000
  • SSL Certificate Free
  • Dedicated IP 1


Buy & renew at same cost
6,580 Monthly
  • vCPU 12
  • RAM 24
  • SSD Disk 300
  • Bandwidth 2000
  • SSL Certificate Free
  • Dedicated IP 1

Let Us Take Away Your Worries About Managing a VPS!

Eliminate the pain and complexity of managing the VPS on your own. Host your website or application on a managed VPS hosting plan starting at just 700/mo.

Multiple Choice of Operating Systems

HostingDuty’s robust VPS offers a wide range of operating systems that has better performance and reliability. Pick the one that works best for you and leave the installation to us. The available operating systems on our servers are:

Choose Your Control Panel

With the help of a control panel, you can easily manage websites, emails, databases and much more. We provide cost-effective industry-leading control panels- cPanel, Plesk & Webuzo as the management panel for your VPS. cPanel works with CentOS while Plesk works with CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Webuzo is compatible with CentOS and Ubuntu. Pick your choice of the control panel from below to simplify the VPS management task.


1 Account          ₹350/mo

One-Click installer

1 Softaculous          ₹140/mo


1 Account             ₹700/mo

5 Account              ₹1250/mo

30 Account            ₹1700/mo

50 Account            ₹2300/mo

100 Account          ₹3000/mo


Web Admin

 10 domains


WordPress Toolkit SE           

30 domains
 WordPress Toolkit SE
 Subscription Management
 Account Management
Unlimited domains
 WordPress Toolkit
 Subscription Management
 Account Management
 Resellar Management

Best Scalable Self Managed VPS Server

If you wish to setup and manage your Linux VPS server on your own, you can choose unmanaged VPS hosting from MilesWeb.


Cloud-Based VPS

With our unmanaged VPS server, you get the flexibility that a cloud server offers, along with the power of a dedicated server. Get the desired performance for your site/app with our cloud-based VPS server.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Our VPS server is built up of the latest enterprise-grade hardware for fine performance tuning to exceed architectural standards. Our VPS server comes with the SSD technology and Intel Xeon Processors and 128GB of RAM per server.

Not interested in Linux VPS?
Check out our Windows VPS Plans
powered by Hyper-V.

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Benefits of an Unmanaged VPS


You are in charge of the server so you can make changes to your server anytime without being dependent on anyone

Full control

As you get full access of your self-managed VPS server, you can install any software that you want, access storage space, bandwidth, server usage and memory.

More customization

You get full control of your server resources means you can customize the server as per your needs.


As you will be solely responsible for managing your VPS server, the management cost gets trimmed off, that becomes real savings for your pocket.

Custom applications

The full root access of your VPS server allows you to install custom software on your server.

What You Get With Your Efficient VPS Server

Solid-State Drives

You get inbuilt SSDs that give you the finest performance of your VPS server. As there are no moving parts in SSD drives they are tremendously fast and powerful. Instead they use flash technology that helps to boost your page load speed.

SSH and Root Access

You get full command over your Virtual Private Server environment with SSH and root access. We provide full root SSH access with our unmanaged Linux VPS hosting plans.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

The simple and user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor memory usage, reboot VPS, check server status and handle other server configurations of your self-managed VPS server.

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Host Unlimited Sites

You can deploy multiple virtual servers under the same account. This means you get the provision to host multiple websites on each of your virtual servers.

Instant Provisioning

As soon as your order is placed, our technical team will set up a VPS server for you. You don’t have to wait for hours or days to get the VPS setup ready with hostingduty unmanaged VPS.

No Setup Fee

Our Linux VPS servers are provided without any setup fees. We do not charge for deploying your Linux VPS server. This means you don’t have to make any additional payments for the server setup.

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Popular uses for Self Managed VPS Hosting

Resource-heavy applications

Whether you have a huge application, CRM, social media, heavy business, or financial site – we’ve got you covered. You can manage all of those with your self-managed Linux VPS server.

Web or database server

Whether it’s MySQL, Linux, or an Apache server, you can set it up within minutes with our self managed VPS server.


Set off your high-traffic eCommerce site with PrestaShop, Magento or OpenCart with just one click.

Test environments

Test your app’s or website’s response time and perform a spin test for your servers without delay.

Web or database server

Whether it’s MySQL, Linux, or an Apache server, you can set it up within minutes with our self managed VPS server.

Email server

Customize and set up your own email server. Operate limitless email accounts for your business.

Ready to Launch Your VPS Server?

We’ll Deploy Your VPS Server in Minutes at just



You may upgrade your VPS package anytime. Just get in touch with our billing team and they will guide you through the process.


Both types of VPS servers have their own benefits. If you are a technical expert and have surplus time to manage your server operations you can consider buying an unmanaged VPS server. Else, if you are a newbie or a small business that needs to focus on growing the revenue then opting for a managed VPS server can be optimal. The technical support you get with managed VPS saves your precious hours so that you can focus on what you are good at, such as generating new leads, building customer relationships, managing your team, etc.

Whereas, if you are more concerned about the VPS cost and know how to manage a server, then you can choose self-managed VPS and get started.



  • You get full control of server memory, bandwidth, usage, storage space as well as software installation with unmanaged VPS server.
  • You can customize your VPS as per your exact needs.
  • An inexpensive solution as there is no cost of management involved.
  • Don’t have to rely on anyone for any modifications on your server.


  • If you have limited technical knowledge of the server, the server management can be stressful.
  • You need to invest a lot of time as all the tasks related to the server such as management, software installation, server updates and maintenance is your duty.
  • Constant monitoring of the server is required in order to keep a check on any traffic spike or any malicious activities.

The two major differences are:

In managed VPS, the routine server maintenance and upgradation is taken care by your hosting provider. While, in unmanaged VPS server, the hosting provider is only responsible for handling hardware and network related issues.

Unmanaged VPS is less expensive than managed VPS hosting and is perfect for developers or administrators. Managed VPS is a little costlier but ideal for beginners.


Self-Managed Linux VPS Server- Ideal for system administrators and developers

Whether you’re a developer, designer, or a network/system administrator with hands-on server management– and know how to take full control of your hosting environment – our self-managed VPS hosting is an excellent fit. For complete control, you get full root access with SSH keys, as well as versatility and vigorous environment. In addition, we deliver a wide variety of scalable performance solutions with customizable server setups.


We offer SSD based hard disk for superior performance of your site or application. Our unmanaged VPS hosting plans are loaded with superior features at a great value. The VPS upgrade and downgrade process are hassle-free and you get the freedom to run any application you want or install the custom application. Go ahead and compare us with any ordinary VPS hosting provider and see the difference yourself. We are the best unmanaged VPS hosting provider in the industry.


We monitor resource utilization such as available hard disk storage and will alert you about your data consumption. In the event you need additional hard disk storage space, we can upgrade it at an additional cost.


Looking to host a basic website?

Building your online presence? Get an affordable web hosting solution that won’t drain your pocket. Check out our shared hosting plans that are ideal for basic business.

Host on High-performing Dedicated Servers

Experience a powerful and dedicated server to host your heavy websites that have huge traffic. We offer managed dedicated hosting solution that gives you dedicated resources.