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2017 Rewind | Memory lane

Hello Folks,

Tomorrow is the last day of 2017 and we just thought to rewind what good and bad things happened in 2017. It was the year of Success, Struggle, Fights, Quarrel, Love, Affection. It was the year of Friendship and rivalry. It was the year of understanding people and fights.

1 Got our new office in Saudamini Commerical Complex.


2. Our First Campus Placement in G.H Raisoni College


3. We were called in our college G.H Raisoni Institue of Engineering and Technology to create syllabus for IT Students.


4. Setting up Network Infrastructure in our office.

5. After late night sitting to deliver the projects.

6. Guest Lectures organized for Associates.

7. Felicitation of Naresh Bhagwani, Our first customer. His website was designed directly on server as then we didnt even had a laptop to code. 😀


8. Painting was gifted to Nenadd Chandorkar by ace artist Late Dr. Sudhir Deshpande.

9. Almost 90% associates working with the organization are from Jalgaon. Generally when we all meet in Jalgaon. Its only about Lok Priya Misal. 😀


10. Delivered Salam Saab Application at 2.00 AM in night. Almost 60 KM away from Pune in Shikrapur.


11. When we were delivering Sangitam Waves, We actually hold the bus for 2 hours, associates went to Wagholi from Chandani Chauk to deliver busy box while going they actually did coding on bike sitting on pillion seat. Some part of  the coding were still left so 4 associates board the bus. Finished coding till morning reached Jalgaon. We had a fantastic opening of Sangitam Waves the next day.

12. Got our Datacenter upgrade with 48 Hours of Power back

13. Time, when we bought our own computers for all associates.

14. We had a major power outrage in our office and at the same time one of our important server got crashed and the client was screaming. So all the system admins came to Nenadd’s place to solve the issue.

15. When we have important meeting, and everything is prepared last minute yet we crack the deal. The recipe is in the photo  😀

16. When our CEO talks in Cloud conference and then we party hard (CloudFest 2017 @Grand Hyatt Mumbai)

18. We deployed our First Point of Sale system to PICTE Canteen where everyday 9000 students eat their food. #AcheivementUnlocked

19. When we cracked a deal with Singapore based company.


20. A letter from Stories Worth Sharing (Our CEO shared his story)

21. Due to hardware failure our switch at Data Center was generating spike which was shutting down half of Jalgaon’s Internet. Amey and Nilesh sat whole night in Pune to solve the issue, and following pic was the confirmation that they solved the issue sitting in Pune.

22. When Nenadd speaks about the Next Gen ERP system in AGM (Annual General Meeting) of a million dollar organization.


Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.


With Love


From Team HostingDuty